Only Permitted Christians: TOP 25 motorcycle games on PC

The genre of motorcycle racing in online games and moto simulators is not so well developed, because gamers prefer high-speed car driving more. But we still have prepared a large collection of motorcycle and biker games, where you can definitely find something to your liking.

The best motorcycle games for play online:

By the way, the list contains games of various genres about bikers. Perhaps you are also a fan of motorcycle racing and motorcycle driving simulators, but I recommend paying attention to all the games of the top.

MXGP series

The most popular motorcycle and professional motorcycle racing simulator where you will take part in the motocross world championship. Everything is standard here: you choose your vehicle, improve it and compete with your opponents in fierce confrontations. The roar of a powerful engine, a huge amount of dirt and a constant desire to win - you will find all this right here.

 Separately, it should be said about the high-quality three-dimensional graphics, built on the engine Unreal Engine 4. All motorcycle models have a detailed study, as well as the rider's equipment and its appearance. The physics of the game is also excellently executed: detailed traces remain on the road, the track in the mud becomes larger over time, the helmet and suit of the competitors are covered with mud during dynamic races.

MX VS ATV series

Another of the leaders in this area, where you will be invited to take a direct part in dizzying and insanely driving off-road races. You will be offered a huge range of vehicles to choose from: motorcycles, buggies, ATVs.

Additionally, it will be possible to improve your iron assistants, and change their appearance, thanks to an advanced customization system. But before that, you need to start winning consistently in confrontations, and making good money on this.

The motorcycle simulator has two game modes: single and multiplayer, where gamers can test their strength on the world stage against the most experienced and strong riders. In one race, it will accept up to 16 participants at once, so it will be very difficult to win in high-speed fights.

Road redemption

The craziest and most addicting racing simulator, the game mechanics of which continues the legendary Road Rash video game series, originally released on the old 16-bit Sega consoles. Therefore, the video game will be relevant both for lovers of nostalgia and for modern gamers, thanks to the extremely dynamic gameplay.

The main uniqueness of the game is that there are absolutely no rules here, except for one - to get to the finish line as quickly as possible and win the race. Therefore, you can beat your opponents with your feet, hands and various improvised means: bats, chains, gas canisters and much more.

Adding chaos to the game mechanics is the fact that all races will take place on busy and confusing tracks with busy traffic. Therefore, you will have to maneuver between other road users and try to push your rivals onto a passing car.

Another original part of the game is its storyline, because the events will develop in a post-apocalyptic world. You will have to find and catch a mysterious and cruel killer, whose head is assigned a very high reward.

You can play here in several modes at once: single, multiplayer and cooperative. In the latter, it will be possible to play with friends not only via the Internet, but also on the same computer - in this case, the game screen is divided in half, giving each gamer an opportunity to win.

Trials series

The most popular project that came to personal computers and consoles from mobile platforms. The well-known company Ubisoft was engaged in the development of games, which additionally emphasizes the quality of the series of simulators.

Here, players will not only have to participate in races, but go through difficult and insanely confusing tracks. The style of the game is made in two-dimensional graphics, so the entire gameplay is built on the maximum control of your motorcycle. You must learn to balance well in order to pass the most difficult and dizzying obstacles: arches, jumps, spirals.

Separately, it is worth noting a huge number of unique tracks located in completely insane locations: the roof of a skyscraper, mountains, abysses, dungeons. Additionally, the player will be able to escape from the main gameplay and play exciting mini-games.

In addition to single races, a gamer can try his hand at a multiplayer game. Here you can try to set a new track record, or take part in races with other players via an Internet connection.

Dilogy Ride

A high-quality moto simulator, the game mechanics of which are built on professional competitions. Here the player will have access to hundreds of unique transport models, dozens of different tracks, several game modes and a large selection of racing tournaments.

The developers focused on diversity, so three racing options were added to the simulator at once: off-road, on a busy road and on official tracks used in motorcycle racing championships. Separately, we will appreciate the deep customization system, which allows you to improve the appearance of the equipment and its technical characteristics.

Additionally, you can take part in a multiplayer game with other gamers from all over the planet, or compete with your friends in a cooperative mode. In this case, the game screen is divided into two or more parts, depending on the number of players.

MOTOGP series

A classic motorcycle racing simulator, where all races will take place exclusively on professional tracks. The vehicle models are completely unique as they are designed specifically for the official video game series.

Players will be able to try their hand at the global arena in multiplayer mode, where each victory will be very difficult due to the great competition and unyielding rivals. A wide variety of modes and race tracks will definitely not let all fans of dynamic racing get bored.

Mud Motocross World Championship

Not a bad racing simulator dedicated to the official motocross world championship. Therefore, here you can race at great speed on the off-road, collecting dirt and competing with your rivals.

The game mechanics cannot boast of an advanced system of realism, so the gameplay is more focused on arcade racing. There are also multiplayer battles on the network, with a large selection of various cup competitions.

Moto Racer series

Famous four-part video game series. The first was released back in 1997, which is why it cannot demonstrate to modern gamers with high-quality graphics. But the last simulator, on the contrary, has a detailed style, and a large number of vivid visual effects that emphasize the breakneck speed and special atmosphere.

Separately, it is worth noting the very juicy and effective soundtracks that will play throughout the gameplay. The perfect arcade gameplay is combined with musical accompaniment, and greatly captivates the players with the outrageous dynamics of the races.

Motorcycle Club

An arcade racing simulator with the ability to manage your own motorcycle club. You will take part in uncompromising and dizzying races, for the victories in which you will receive good monetary rewards. Your financial earnings can be spent in the future on the purchase of new equipment, and the development of a personal club of racers.

Especially gamers will appreciate a huge selection of racing technology: from classic to the most exclusive models. It will be possible to play both alone and with your friends - in a multiplayer or cooperative game.

Urban Trial Freestyle

An arcade racing project, the game mechanics of which are more like a unique platformer. The player on his bike will have to overcome difficult and intricate tracks, just overflowing with a huge number of different obstacles.

All races will take place in urban and street conditions, which gives the gameplay a special atmosphere. The styling here is done in high-quality 2D graphics with a side view, because of which the player will need to focus on maintaining balance on his bike. In total, the game has several modes: driving the track for a while, performing spectacular stunts, driving at speed.

Steel rats

A very cool racing project, where the main rate was made on furious action and thriller. The storyline will take us to a post-apocalyptic world where all of humanity has been captured by ruthless garbage robots from another galaxy. And only four brave bikers will be able to defeat the alien invaders with the help of their iron assistant.

The gameplay here is very unique, and is made in an unusual two-dimensional style. You will have to move around the location to the left and right, dodging obstacles and destroying rivals. As you progress through the story, you will be able to pump the bike, which will allow you to ride on vertical stacks and even on the ceiling.
Urban Trial Playground

A classic motorcycle platformer, where mastery of owning your bike determines the victory in the races. To complete the tracks, you will need to learn how to balance perfectly, because this is the main key to regular victories in confrontations.

There is also a customization system in the game: a bike, a rider and his equipment. But for this you will need to gain high scores on the tracks, passing all the obstacles as quickly as possible, and performing dizzying and insanely spectacular stunts.

GTA IV: The Lost Damned

The best and biggest addition in the official version of the game, which will tell a completely new and unique story. This time the storyline will revolve around an experienced biker named Johnny Klebitz, who is one of the members of the fearless Lost gang.

The main character will take part not only in the quiet life of the gang, but also in all its aggressive manifestations: crazy pursuits, deadly shootings, wars with other clans, battles for authority. In addition, a set of new mini-games will appear here: arm wrestling - wrestling on hands, fist fights, racing confrontations.

Steep turn

An old but high quality racing simulator dedicated to the official 2002 Speedway Grand Prix. You will be able to ride on real prototypes of the legendary tracks, against the strongest and most invincible legends of this sport.

The gameplay is based on a powerful modern engine, so the game has excellent three-dimensional graphics and a well-developed soundtrack. Additionally, it is worth noting the high realism: with the money won, you can hire trainers to improve your driving skills, and improve motorcycles by buying more powerful parts for them.

Speedway Championships

Here you will take part in the official speedway racing tournament, where the strongest racers from all over the planet will gather. The races will take place on 10 unique tracks - prototypes of real tracks from the World Championship.

The simulator was released in 2002, but has good 3D graphics, with a top view. You can play here either alone or with your friends on the same device - in this case, the game screen is divided into several zones, individually designed for each gamer.


An insanely addicting 2006 racing hit, the developers of which tried to convey the improved atmosphere and gameplay of the cult video game series - Road Rash, which was released on 16-bit pixel Sega consoles. Here, confrontations on the tracks and crazy fights will also be ideally combined with themselves, despite the deadly speed.

But this game became even more brutal, with an abundance of blood and violence. If earlier game characters could only use fists and improvised means, now it will be possible to throw a Molotov cocktail, or shoot at opponents from an insanely powerful double-barreled gun.

Ducati World Championship

A high-quality motorcycle racing simulator that can surprise you with unusually beautiful racing locations and a huge selection of motorcycle models. In total, players will have access to about 70 unique types of transport: from high-speed sports bikes to powerful and harsh "Monsters".

The game will feature more than 10 breathtaking tracks located in the most beautiful and exciting corners of friendly Italy. The atmosphere of these places just pushes you forward, and makes you gain insane and prohibitive speed on the track.

Suzuki Racing Box

2007 racing project dedicated to one of the coolest and most famous motorcycle brands - Suzuki. Here fans of this technique will be able to get behind the wheel of real prototypes of vehicles, with a huge selection of models.

Competitions will take place in different parts of the world, which will allow you to enjoy the picturesque and breathtaking landscapes. A total of 16 classic tracks, 6 full-fledged tournaments and over 30 traditional Suzuki products will be available.


We offer you a unique opportunity to become a cool and courageous biker, able to drive along the road at breakneck speed without fear. It is this quality that will be useful for players to win in various racing confrontations for a while.

There will be no restrictions or rules here. All you need to do is get to the finish line as quickly as possible, in all possible ways and ways. Opponents will use a variety of meanness, cunning and traps, than you should answer them in return.

Extreme trial

One of the very first game projects in the motorcycle platformer genre, where the player must learn to feel his motorcycle as accurately as possible. The gameplay will develop in a two-dimensional plane, so it is necessary to correctly distribute weight and feel balance while overcoming difficult and dangerous obstacles.

And there will be a lot of various obstacles here: hills, mountain peaks, African plains, off-road. It will not be enough to reach a high speed, as the sensitivity of your motorcycle decides everything. After all, the races will take place in completely insane conditions: on electric wires, on top of a skyscraper, and even on mined platforms.

RedLynx Trials 2: Second Edition

A quality simulator dedicated to the motorcycle trial tournament. The main uniqueness of the video game is the dynamic camera, which makes the gameplay cinematic, which is very unusual for the motorcycle platforming genre.

You have to demonstrate your skills on 50 unique tracks, each of which will have its own characteristics and difficulties. There are four original types of races in the game: classic race, passing obstacles, performing stunts and riding on one wheel.

The tracks here are very unusual, because in order to successfully complete the track, you will need to show not only driving skills, but also intellectual thinking. Sometimes it will be necessary to make lightning-fast decisions related to determining the correct path of movement or overcoming an obstacle.

SBK 09 Superbike World Championship

This simulator is dedicated to the official motorcycle racing world championship, where you have to take part in fourteen difficult stages of the races. Events will develop in different parts of the planet, where only the most invincible and eminent racers will compete with you.

An important feature of the game is a strong emphasis on transport, because all models are from the best sports companies in the world. In addition, it will be possible to adapt each model of transport for yourself, thanks to the possibility of flexible adjustment of the technical characteristics of motorcycles.

Separately, it is worth noting the excellent three-dimensional graphics, with the ability to switch the game camera during the races. Physics is also at a high level - the damage system has been worked out in detail, you can track each blow on the vehicle's hull.

SBK X: Superbike World Championship

An excellent motor simulator with amazing graphics and a professional transport management system. Here you can directly take part in more than 100 unique races, identical to the conditions of the official world championship.

An important feature of the gameplay is the ability to choose one of two game modes: classic or arcade. In the first case, a stake is placed on realism and the highest speed, and in the other variation, everything will be aimed only at madness, fun and a pleasant pastime.

Additionally, players will be able to test their skills against real opponents in multiplayer online competitions. In addition to single races, full-fledged tournaments will be available, designed for how many races.

Trials Fusion - Fire in the Deep

The sequel to the famous moto platform game, where this time the events of the game will develop in a futuristic world, with a bunch of new and advanced technologies. But your main goal remains the same - the fastest possible passage of a difficult track, stuffed with insane obstacles and traps.

The main feature of the game is its two-dimensional style, as a result of which the game mechanics are built on only two elements of the gameplay: the movement and the angle of the motorcycle. The main key to victory is precisely the second part, because you will need to perfectly feel the balance of technology in order to drive dizzying turns, or jump between platforms.

Trials Fusion - Fault one zero

A new addition to the original version of the game, capable of delighting fans with a new and completely unique location - a huge and industrial city. The entire surrounding world will now sparkle with the colors of the future, and will create a truly insane atmosphere.

Otherwise, everything is as usual: you need to overcome the track as quickly as possible, set a record, or overtake your rivals. The game is available for both single and multiplayer online play, with your friends or other gamers from all over the world.