Jakarta: 4 beautiful places to go

Four historical sites of Jakarta, revealing the individuality and independence of Indonesia and its individual districts. From unique parks and cultural buildings to great religious monuments.

1. The Danes founded the old central district of Jakarta, Batavia, in the 19th century. This is one of the preserved historical places of the city. Many ancient buildings, including the mansions of wealthy personalities, have been restored and decorated as museums, galleries and exhibitions. Most of these buildings have survived from the time of colonization. The history of the development of the city is presented in the Historical Museum of Indonesia, whose collections are so diverse and unique that no museum in the country has such a variety of attributes and objects of antiquity: national costumes, dishes, weapons, jewelry, household items. The peculiarity and highlight of this museum are the underground tunnels that previously served as passages between prison cells. On the streets of the old district, with an area of only 1.3 m2, you can meet street musicians, a huge number of stalls with souvenirs and local spices, sweets and herbs. Those who want to bring memories with them, be sure to come to Batavia to take photos and ride a bike through the colonial part of the city. The most successful time to visit will be early morning or evening in order to avoid the heat of the day.

2. Lovers of everything old and conservative tend to visit the Kandranaya mansion. The condition of the building may disappoint, because the house has been empty for many years and has become completely dilapidated. It is located near the modern center of Jakarta, between two unfinished hotels, the interior decoration of the house conveys the spirit of the past centuries.

3. Gallery under the sky – Taman Mini Park, with an area of more than 100 hectares. There are 14 regions in Indonesia, so the territory of the park is divided into a given number of zones. It presents residents' houses identical to the past with interior decoration and furniture.

4. The most grandiose and large-scale mosque in the whole of Southeast Asia is Istiklal. The grandeur is given by the massive and heavy material – marble, from which the building was built. Indonesians consider Istiklal a symbol of the country's independence, it is even located on Freedom Square. First of all, the mosque is a religious monument, as well as an area for organizing cultural events. To enjoy the beauty of the building, it is better to go in the evening at dusk, thanks to the illumination, the facade looks much more spectacular. Claim free spins on card registration and have a chance to win real money at Free Spins on Card Registration . Experience the thrill of spinning the reels without making a deposit.